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How to pass driving license test

How to pass drivers license test

If you want to pass drivers license theory and drivers license practice test for category A, category AM, category B or any other category, or just want to drive a car when you are 16 years old please see the topic how to pass driving test.
CPR course and exam

CPR course and exam

Before you apply for written drivers license test make sure you pass first aid practice exam. We have prepared for you free online CPR or First Aid course and free online CPR quizes. For more information please check this link CPR course and exam.
Driver examination centres

Driver examination centres

Did you know that Slovenia has 11 driver examination centres? If you are looking for theirs location, contact phone number, service prices or just for Driving tests and Driving school statistics please see driver examination centres.

Driver’s License Forums

If you have a question about how to pass driving practice test or final driving exam (car, motorcycle,truck) in Slovenia please see Driver’s License Forum.
Driving school

Driving school

There are registered more than 150 driving schools in Slovenia. If you wonder how to choose the right driving school, we have prepared quite a lot useful tips. There’s also a list of driving schools wich offer you full free online pass to our services. You can read more about that on a page named driving school.
CPP course and Free Drivers License Practice Test

CPP course and Free Drivers License Practice Test

Get to know Slovenian traffic rules with Online CPP course and 3D animations. Prepare yourself for driving license test with our Free Online Drivers License Practice Test. Visit CPP course and Free Drivers License Practice Test.
Driving license test learning material

Driving license test material

These material is intended for future drivers taking drivers license theory and practice test. This materail also use experts in the field of transport and examiners in Driver examination centres. We offer eBooks , and links to all the legislation related to driving exam in Slovenia. Please visit material for a driving license test.
Video Community CPP

Video community

Vozniski-izpit.com offers to future drivers, experienced drivers and driving schools free 3d animations and video clips. Join us, visit our Video community..
ProAdvice and eNews

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We closely follow legislation changes. At the same time we also publish interesting videos, tips on avoiding traffic offense and a brief explanation of road traffic rules . [ninja-popup ID=17800]Subscribe to our free eNewsletter[/ninja-popup].
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We have expanded our services. We now offer additional information about driving license in Slovenia:

If your driving license is confiscated you can compose yourself the proposal to return temporarily confiscated driving license using our online generator.